Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Make a Difference for Families in Alabama

As we celebrate the holiday season, we reflect on our past and how we have evolved as an agency. Many things have changed throughout our 100 years, but our core values remain steadfast.

Our purpose is to help children by strengthening the families who care for them. There is no such thing as a perfect family. But in a child's eyes, their family has every chance to be perfect. CAS tries to help all of our families be their child's best advocates for their future.

Words on a page cannot begin to describe the families that CAS encounters. It all begins and ends with a story.  
"We were moved and inspired by our CAS worker's belief in us. We worked hard to complete the tasks assigned to us so that we would be able to keep our kids. I finished all of my drug abuse prevention classes, got my GED, and my driver's license. All of the hard work was worth it."
We believe we can best help children by strengthening the families who raise them. In the absence of any other fundraisers this year, this holiday appeal takes on even more meaning for our agency.  

We ask that you please consider a gift to our agency and appreciate all of your support.