Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Value of Counseling After Adoption

A recent NPR feature "Helping Foster Kids Even After Adoption" highlighted the importance of adoptive families receiving assistance even after their adoption is finalized.
"...the largest number of adoptions in the U.S. is through the foster care system. That means toddlers, young children, even teens. Yet many in the field say the system does little to help families cope with the special issues a number of these children will face, even years after adoption."

Our Alabama Pre/Post Adoption Connections program provides statewide counseling and referral services for adoptive families and families awaiting adoption finalization. Services include intake, assessment, and up to 20 treatment sessions for families who have concerns related to their adoption. There are no fees related to this service.

One adoptive parent shares his thoughts about APAC counseling services:
"The regular counseling my son and I have received from APAC counselor Debra Fredenburg has been priceless and extremely valuable. The possibility of discussing problems and the adoption experience with a trained professional and kind, sympathetic soul has been the most extraordinary thing. APAC is a central part of my support network, and I don't know what I would have done without it. In a state where services have been cut to the bare bone, APAC is a shining example of high accomplishment and has helped many vulnerable children."
Contact any of the members of our APAC counseling team for more information.

Huntsville Area
Patricia Corbitt, LGSW

Birmingham Area
John M. Douglass, III, MA., LPC

Montgomery Area
Jill Sexton, M.Ed, ALC

Mobile Area
Debra Fredenburg, LCSW


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