Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday: Will Gaines Holmes

On a beautiful day in the winter of 1912, a little baby girl was born and her parents named her Will. We’ve never heard the story as to how that name was selected, but we are quite certain that it helped formulate the popular saying “where there is a Will, there is a way!” 

On a another beautiful day in the fall of 1912, a group of concerned citizens in Birmingham came together and created the concept of an agency that was to be named Children’s Aid Society. Like Will, the agency has been a treasure for so many and helped better the lives of thousands of children and families. 

CAS is excited to be turning 100 later this year, but today we are celebrating the 100th birthday of a very special person in the life of Children's Aid - Mrs. Will Gaines Holmes.

Mrs. Holmes, and her late husband Ben, moved to Birmingham after World War II. They have one son, Ben, who also resides in Birmingham. She is a member of First Presbyterian Church Birmingham which maintains an endowment in her name and in memory of her dear friend, the late Dolly Porter.

Mrs. Holmes worked at Children’s Aid Society from 1952 to 1977, and served as Executive Director from 1966 to 1977. She contributed her time and talents to building a strong organization and leaving a legacy of commitment to nurturing children by strengthening families. 

After retiring from Children’s Aid in 1977, Mrs. Holmes has continued to stay busy. She researches a new topic each year and speaks about that topic to area civic and social groups.  She says the one on Presidential Trivia is a favorite among her many audiences.

Children’s Aid Society honors Mrs. Holmes for her strong commitment and continued support of the community and the agency.