Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Create Celebrations for Alabama Families

What a tough year it has been for the people of Alabama. With the devastating tornadoes, the ever painful economy, and the daily reports in the news of crime, child abuse and bullying, among others, we want to celebrate some good things going on in our state and local communities. Children’s Aid is making a difference!

Youth are learning how to treat their peers with respect and dignity, and to expect the same from others.

Youth are learning to take responsibility for their own actions.

In a prevention group offered by CAS at a local middle school, youth were asked to share
“How they are Valuable and Responsible.” Above is an excerpt of one student’s written response.

Families affected by the tornadoes are receiving long term relief.

Homeless young mothers are provided a safe place to stay and are learning how to safely care for themselves and their children.

The destructive cycle of child abuse is disrupted by stabilizing fragile families and creating new families for orphaned children and youth.
 In a support group offered by Children’s Aid, families were asked to share “What Adoption Means to Me.” Above is one shared by a teenager hoping to help other children find a forever family. 

These are just a few of the stories we are celebrating at Children’s Aid. Please join in our celebration by helping to create new celebrations. A holiday gift to Children’s Aid will produce more stories worth celebrating for another 100 years. 

Help create more celebrations
for Alabama’s children and families
by giving to Children’s Aid at www.childrensaid.org!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Launching Our Blog

We're very excited about our new blog launching January 3! Join us here for all the inside scoop on CAS services as well as resources for parenting kids at any age!